Reusable Hot and Cold Gel Pack- Ice Pack for Knee, Solder, Back Injuries- Micro woven Heating Pad Top Product

2020-11-10 22:59:30 Surgical(Shop) Mohammadpur, Dhaka

৳ 350

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REUSABLE ICE PACK An ice pack made of tough, soft-touch material for accidents. Our therapy hot and cold packs are soft on the skin, and microwaveable heating pads as well. A great ice pack for back pain, knee pain, and pain in the shoulder MICROWAVE HEATING PAD applying heat from a heat pack induces improved blood flow to the area of pain injury. Warm packs for pain assist in the healing process by increasing the oxygen content of the body tissue and helping to stretch pained muscles MULTI-USE PACKS Our cold packs for injuries can be used as a knee ice packing, ice packing for the elbow, back pain, neck pain, or they can be reused for swelling injuries. Substitutes as an ice bag for freezer storage or as a microwaveable heat pack FLEXIBLE HOT COLD PACK Stays flexible for tailored hot or cold compress and soothing relief from strains, sprains or pains. Comes in small, medium and large ice pack sizes CRYOTHERAPY For injuries such as bleeding, muscle spasms and swelling from acute sprains/strains it is advised to use ice packs. After an injury, a cold gel ice pack can be applied several times a day or until it feels better